Tui Na Massage Increases Appetite in Undernourished Toddlers


  • Dely Maria Faculty of Vocational Nursing, Universitas Kristen Indonesia



Malnutrition, Tui Na, nutrition, family, massage.


Background: Malnutrition is a condition that can occur quickly or for a long time, occurs in toddlers and experiences abnormal growth. The toddler period is the most important stage of development, and toddlers who experience malnutrition will experience decreased appetite and get sick easily. Family efforts to overcome malnutrition apart from choosing healthy and nutritious food, can also do Tui Na massage independently for children under five with malnutrition. Massage Tui Na is a therapy from China that can help improve hormones to increase the effectiveness of circulation in increasing toddlers' appetite. Purpose: to see the effectiveness of Tui Na massage in increasing children's appetite to increase body weight. The descriptive research method use case study method through the nursing care process which consists of identifying studies on toddlers and families, measuring anthropometric status, and doing Tui Na massages. Results: two family participants with toddlers whose weight did not match their age were given Tui Na massage with the same frequency for 6 consecutive days, one toddler had a positive response, namely experiencing an increase in appetite resulting in weight gain, and one toddler not gaining weight. Conclusion: parents have a contribution to make in choosing healthy and nutritious food to increase children's appetite so that their weight is appropriate for their age, and Tui Na massage can be done independently to help increase toddlers' appetite so that toddlers' weight increases.




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Dely Maria. (2023). Tui Na Massage Increases Appetite in Undernourished Toddlers. International Journal of Recent Innovations in Medicine and Clinical Research (ISSN: 2582-1075), 5(1), 27–30.